Many professionals struggle to

stay focused at work and relax outside of it!

I empower you to navigate stress with ease

so that you can be the best version of you.

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Shift your stress mindset and boost your wellbeing with these journaling prompts

Journaling is linked to improved immunity, sleep and memory. Get started with your journaling practice now with this download and Episode #012 of the Podcast.

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Stress Mastery

(In 3 simple steps)

Maintain your focus, be present with loved ones & stop sweating the small stuff in just 10 weeks.

Stress Mastery is a group programme offering the flexibility of online. on-demand content and live support calls with Hannah.

Stress Mastery in 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: The Awareness Solution

  • Step 2: The Stress Mastery Playbook

  • Step 3: The Habit-Building System

What it's like to work with Hannah:

"Within the space of 5 sessions with Hannah things turned around for me"


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"Each week I felt much more relaxed and my mind was at a greater state of peace"

Michael D

"The support and guidance Hannah offers to everyone who crosses her path is second-to-none."

Sarah W

"Hannah brings calm to the chaos wherever she goes"

Mark D

Workshops & Talks

Let's nip burnout in the bud by working with employees to build their stress resilience, productivity and focus, long before the burn sets-in.

Topics include:

  • My personal experiences with stress & burnout

  • The physiology of stress: What's happening in the body while under stress

  • Real-time experiences of stress management techniques

  • Stress mindset reset - how we think about stress dictates how we respond under stress

  • Self reflection exercises on personal experiences

  • And of course discussion to normalise the topic and make it easier to speak up when times are tough

"The session gave us the tools and mindset to shift our stress response in a way that helps us as individuals and collectively, as a team."


(VP-Delivery Lead, Multinational UK Bank)

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All of Hannah's online trainings are delivered on the portal which can be found here:

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The Burnout Isn't Necessary Podcast:

My burnout wasn’t necessary, nor is yours.

My burnout was recoverable, so is yours.

In this podcast my guests and I share our real-life experiences with burnout.

We get into the science of stress and share actionable tips on how to prevent burnout and how to recover from it.

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