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"The support and guidance Hannah offers to everyone who crosses her path is second-to-none"

Sarah W

"Hannah brings calm to the chaos wherever she goes."

Mark D

Burnout isn't necessary

regardless of your industry, role or life circumstances.

This much I know

- I learned the hard way!

And here are 5 things I know about you:

  1. You want to be successful but sometimes you wonder "What does success even look like for me?"

  2. You want to show up as the best version of yourself in all circumstances

  3. You know there's more to life than this but it's hard to find that purpose

  4. You want to live a life that feels aligned with you and your values

  1. You are already worthy and capable of achieving all of this

Am I right?

and now, About me

Hi, I'm Hannah

Here's how I went from burnout to stress mastery...

I don’t remember what the “final straw” was but one weekend while my husband was playing golf and I was home alone, I collapsed on the kitchen floor and cried for hours. The gut wrenching, body shaking kind of crying.

And yet, on the outside life looked fantastic! Great job, lovely house, happily married.

Underneath, all was not well. We had been trying to get pregnant for a couple of years with no signs of success. I had developed adult acne. In our move from London to the countryside I had inadvertently removed myself from my support structure of friends and healthy habits.

I kept filling the void with more and more work: The more I worked the more recognition I received and the more worthy I felt. I became addicted to recognition and I allowed my work hours to consume the rest of my life in search for recognition.

This is me on the brink of burnout

Looks can be deceiving

When my workload started feeling too much to cope with I doubted myself “I’m not good enough” or “soon they’ll realise I don’t know what I’m doing”. I didn’t say anything in fear that others might “find out” that I wasn’t up to the job and I needed the job because it was my route to recognition and self-worth.

With all my energy going into my quest for validation I was losing a sense of self. I couldn’t step away from work and when I did I felt lost, anchorless, directionless. So the spiral continued, until that day I found myself on the floor sobbing for hours.

Unaware that I had all the classic symptoms, I plunged into burnout.

I just knew I was lost and I needed to find myself again - I couldn’t continue to ignore the deep void that ached inside me.

Hours later, having fully purged the pain and misery, I found myself in a state of quiet exhaustion.

By this point I had realised that no one was coming to save me. I had to figure this out myself. I needed to figure out what I really wanted in life and align my actions with what mattered. I had invested so much effort in career advancement and this is where that left me - was that what I really wanted?

Finally I came to the conclusion that above all else, I wanted to be a mother.

🌟 This became my North Star 🌟

I didn’t have a grand plan but I had a deep knowing that if I kept putting one foot in front of the other I’d find my way back to myself.

I started making new choices aligned to that vision for myself. I’d ask myself “what would a healthy happy mum do?”.

For a few weeks I continued to show up at work as if nothing had happened but the lack of support was draining me, I needed a break, I needed to prioritise my health and fertility: I needed to leave. Months later I tentatively stepped back into work life after a break, taking care not to overcommit myself this time. Slowly but surely I took better care of myself became that vision.

Years later we had our daughter, Annie but that’s not where this story ends...

When Annie was 2 years old I was offered a permanent position within a management consultancy. I wasn’t sure I could trust myself not to fall back into my addition to external recognition and validation.

But now there was a fire in my belly that said “burnout isn’t necessary” - in any industry, in any role, at any stage!

And I wanted to prove it. I saw this as an opportunity to create a new way, to build a team based on community, fair treatment, empowerment of individuals and sensible workloads and that’s exactly what I did.

As Head of Business Consulting I built a team around me. All were equal, all were supported and we really were a team. In our meetings we shared work highs and lows and personal experiences. We supported one another, no one was ever alone under my leadership.

My dream came true

Life after burnout really can be amazing!

When covid hit and I experienced a whole new definition of busy! My days were jam packed and I was constantly context switching. But this time despite the workload, covid lockdowns, unwell parents and homeschooling Annie, thistime, I didn't burnout.

So what kept me sane this time? I got up every morning in the early hours every day to fill my cup so that I could support my team, colleagues and clients. I practiced breathwork, mindful movement, I found kundalini yoga and I meditated.

But a little voice inside me started to whisper “consulting is not what you’re here to do”, “it’s time to follow your calling”... I tried to ignore it by saying “I’ve got too much to do here first” and when I ignored it I became physically sick and was hospitalised twice with severe tonsillitis.

The voice got louder and louder and I finally heeded its murmurs and left that role in 2022.

That’s when my purpose became clear:

I’m here to help you avoid burnout because I know that burnout isn’t necessary.

I want to shout that from the rooftops! I want you to know that burnout is predictable and avoidable.

I thought I was the only one but I know now burnout is far too common and I want you to know you’re not alone and it’s not just you! Burnout is the normal response to unmanaged chronic stress.

I want you to live life with health and vibrancy like I now do. I don’t want you to ever experience that sense of losing yourself.

But if you do experience burnout, I want you to know that fully recoverable and there’s a life worth living on the other side.

Now I put my BSc in Biotech to good use, researching and teaching about the biology of stress. I empower others with knowledge of stress and burnout so they wont face what I did.

I share my personal experiences of burnout and stress in the workplace to help normalise conversations about stress and make sure as many of you as possible no longer feel alone like “I’m the only one” or “it's just that I’m not good enough”.

Stuart said:

"I’ve avoided burnout because, thanks to you.

I was able to spot the signs and take alternative action.

My kids are young and I wont get this time all over

so I’m grateful I’m getting perspective and making new choices."

And thanks to Stuart and other listeners who've given me great feedback; I know I’m on the right track 😊

I combine my love of science, my personal experiences of working as a management consultant and of burnout with my passion for yoga and other wellbeing techniques.

I also share tips, tricks and hacks that help us all to regulate our nervous systems and navigate stress.

I've lived through burnout, I know what hell it can be and I'm here to make sure it doesn’t happen to you too.

Have you faced challenges in balancing work, wellbeing, and personal life?

I’m here if you’d like to share your experiences or ask any questions you may have.

You're not alone in this journey; I'm here to support you.

Let's create a community where we can learn from each other and thrive together.

Hannah x

"I don't think Hannah fully realises the impact

that she has on everyone she meets,

just by being herself"

Adam M

If you want to hear me talk about my burnout experience listen to this podcast episode:

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Why I Want to Talk About Stress & Burnout

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