Beyond the obvious:

How does your body tell

you about stress?

Identify your personal stress symptoms

with this simple checklist


My Stress Symptoms

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Simon had always thought that procrastination was part of his personality.

He described how it used to be frustrating

“why can’t I just get on with it when the pressure is on instead of just feeling stuck?”

Now he understands that this is simply one of the ways stress shows up for him

Simon, Principal Consultant

Your podcast and free download are helping me see when I'm sliding into stress.

I can now step back and make better choices

Stuart A, Integration Consultant

You're getting:

Why worry about stress?

Stress can be good for us but stress can also be bad for us. You'll raise your understanding of stress..

Awareness of your personal stress symptoms

Using the checklist you will get a better idea of what symptoms to look out for in terms of physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural symptoms.

Further resources and next steps:

Further reading and information on the topic of stress symptoms. And an extra resource for when you're ready to learn how to release stress in an instant.

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